Urban Grazing


I’m exploring ways to achieve zero food waste. I will employ a wormery and implement an ‘urban grazing’ experiment where I hang excess food that is still good out of my window for passers by to enjoy.

This system works at the very end of the production chain, or in LCA terms just moments before the product’s end of life. As we haven’t yet found a way to recycle excess food that we can hardly avoid purchasing – composting doesn’t count – Cathrine has found a way to pre-cycle it: hang it off your window, if you have one. This idea reminds me of Freecycle or “clothing-exchange days” with a touch of Middle Ages flavour; the nice thing about it is that it could never work as an online free-listing; it would be too impractical to list an ad for “two bananas” or “one apple” or anything else we feel we might not eat. It would be nice one day to walk on streets and be surrounded by dangling boxes full of free excesses.