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A Plan for Spam from Eight Years Ago

Paul Graham, the head behind Lisp, tackling spam in an all-interesting essay from 2002:

I don’t know enough about the infrastructure that spammers use to know how hard it would be to make the headers look innocent, but my guess is that it would be even harder than making the message look innocent. Assuming they could solve the problem of the headers, the spam of the future will probably look something like this: Hey there. Thought you should check out the following:

“Pion” (image sequence)


I am left speechless by how little the jaw moves. From Christine Ericsdotter’s Ph.D. (via Ian Mansfield)

Mandelbulb: 3D Mandelbrot Fractal


double pi=3.14159265;
double r    = sqrt(x*x + y*y + z*z );
double yang = atan2(sqrt(x*x + y*y) , z  )  ;
double zang = atan2(y , x);
newx = (r*r) * sin( yang*2 + 0.5*pi ) * cos(zang*2 +pi);
newy = (r*r) * sin( yang*2 + 0.5*pi ) * sin(zang*2 +pi);
newz = (r*r) * cos( yang*2 + 0.5*pi );

Don Dodge – Hint: The Answer is in The Name

Is this guy the living definition of an ass-licker?

Gmail is new, fast, web based, and has all the features I need. I especially like the way it threads conversations making it easy to keep everything in context. And of course the search capabilities are world class.

Mate, it’s been there since 2005.

FORGOT: Steve Jobs has a nice summary of quotes from the guy on his blog.

Long Duration Exposure Facility

Satellite Material Sampler

CMD1 porn2. Although not for a cellphone, rather to analyse the suitability of a range of materials for space use. The LDEF is an oldie form 1984, and the NASA webpage describing the results of the experiment is an impact-resistant oldie from the web of the ’90s. (via @plugimi)

  1. Colour and Materials Design. One of a number of ways to indicate the selection process of materials to be used in the manufacturing of a product. Some like it, some think it should not be set apart from the design process. 

  2. If there is any such thing. I don’t think there is, but fair enough, porn is an auxiliary by now. (Sasha Grey is in London until Wednesday by the way) 

Eight Ways to Kill an Idea

Flushing ideas

Out of all eight, this one is the truest in my view. (via @bruces and @madebymany)

Pillars of Wisdom by Paul Williams (video)

Still from Pillars of Wisdom

As I have come to know this landscape I am continually reminded that even though we live beneath the gaze of giants, made with our own minds and hands, it is our simple joys that continue to define us as human.

Traktor’s Pedigree (video)


“How are you guys doin’ back there?”

I love Traktor. The Swedish filmmakers haven’t been adding much to their site lately, but I am happy to have found this new-ish gem. No date as usual and not much information aside from the title.

TRAKTOR is a group of filmmakers. We make films, not websites.

OK. Digging a bit deeper than usual in my archives I also found this old PDF scan from Creativity magazine (June 2003). Reborn.

Russian Flying Fortress vs. Nazi Flying Saucer

Flying Fortress

Found on English á´™ussia on a wild browsing session. Fantastic. Particularly since it came on sight after a series of quasi-serious renditions of former top-secret Russian airplane concepts. And then you go: “Huh?”