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Why The Lucky Stiff on The Setup

software is the computerized SOUL. it’s like little personalities, it’s great.

You’d better know who Why was.

Wooster Sapiens


As found at the Bristol zoo. About time…

McDonald’s Internet Site Terms and Conditions

From Eddie:

The following trademarks used herein are owned by the McDonald’s Corporation and its affiliates: 1-800-MC1-STCK, Always Quality. Always Fun., America’s Favorite Fries, Arch Deluxe, Aroma Café, Automac, Big Mac, Big N’ Tasty, Big Xtra!, Birdie, the Early Bird and Design, Black History Makers of tomorrow, Bolshoi Mac, Boston Market, Cajita Feliz, Changing The Face of The World, Chicken McGrill, Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Selects, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Cuarto De Libra, Did Somebody Say , Donatos Pizza, emac digital, Egg McMuffin, Extra Value Meal, Filet-O-Fish, French Fry Box Design, Fruit Buzz, Gep Op Mac, Golden Arches, Golden Arches Logo, Good Jobs For Good People, Good Times. Great Taste., Gospelfest, Great Breaks, Grimace and Design, Groenteburger, HACER, Hamburglar and Design, Hamburger University, Happy Meal, Happy Meal Box Design, Have You Had Your Break Today?, Healthy Growing Up, Helping Hands Logo, Hey, i’m lovin’ it, It Could Happen!, “it’s what i eat and what i do”, Iam Hungry and Design, Immunize for Healthy Lives, Kiwiburger, Lifting Kids To A Better Tomorrow, Mac Attack, Mac Jr., Mac Tonight and Design, McDonald’s Racing Team Design, Made For You, McBaby, McBacon, McBurger, McBus, McCafe, McChicken, McDia Feliz, MCDirect Shares, McDonaldland, McDonald’s , McDonald’s All American High School Basketball Game, McDonald’s All American High School Jazz Bank, McDonald’s All Star Racing Team, McDonald’s Building Design, McDonald’s Earth Effort, McDonald’s Earth Effort Logo, McDonald’s Express, McDonald’s Express Logo, McDonald’s Is Your Kind of Place, McDonald’s Means Opportunity, McDouble, McDrive, McExpress, McFamily, McFlurry, McFranchise, McGriddles, McGrilled Chicken, McHappy Day, McHero, McJobs, McKids, McKids Logo, McKroket, McMaco, McMemories, McMenu, McMusic, McNifica, McNuggets, McNuggets Kip, McOz, McPlane, McPollo, McPrep, McRecycle USA, McRib, McRoyal, McScholar, McScholar of the Year, McSwing, McWorld, Mighty Kids Meal, Mighty Wings, Millennium Dreamers, Morning Mac, Quarter Pounder, RMCC, RMHC, Ronald McDonald and Design, Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Ronald McDonald House Charities Logo, Ronald McDonald House Logo, Ronald Scholars, Sausage McGriddles, Sausage McMuffin, Single Arch Logo, Speedee Logo, Super Size, Teriyaki McBurger, The House That Love Built, The House That Love Built Design, twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesoniononasesameseedbun, Vegi Mac, We Love to See You Smile, What’s On Your Plate, When the U.S. Wins You Win, World Children’s Day, World Children’s Day Logo, World Famous Fries, You Deserve a Break Today, McDWireless.

Skating Around a Roller Coaster

Dirk Auer

This is for Brendan Walker. And that one above is Dirk Auer from Germany. Imagine him meeting Dash Macdonald.

Three. Two. One. Rifle.

Three. Two. One. Impact.

Inside a Predator drone control center. It is clearly staged, still the emotional detachment of the pilots comfortably sitting in an air-conditioned truck comes through nicely. What is really missing there is a McDonalds meal sitting next to the joysticks.

Mark Andrew Webber ↝

Carved Linoleum Map of Paris This is making the rounds a lot lately. I spent some time reading through his website and taking a look a the rest of the work. It’s impressive. No wonder at 23 he was already awarded an ADC Silver Cube. However, what really caught my attention were a few lines at the very bottom of the about page which read:

I have arthritis in basically all of my joins but mainly my hands, and more so in my right hand, so being right handed is annoying, but the pain I get when carving at times drives me forward, I’m not going to stop doing this art I love, a lot of pain goes into each piece I work on but that just helps me to drive to finish it and not quit as I could easily do.

Keep it going.

New Botanics

Plant taxonomy needs an update. Where would this fit?

  • Wind tunnel tested to 60.4m/s (136mph)
  • RF transparent foliage tested at Loughborough University including effects of rain and ice
  • UV resistant and flame retardent foliage
  • Fatigue relieving base details
  • Extendibility – expand to multiple users at minimal cost
  • Multi-user capabilities (up to 3 users, taking up to 6 antennas at each level)
  • Design to BS6399, with full account taken of the effect of the wind pick-up on the foliage
  • Full orientational flexibility of antennas from unique support frames that enable the antenna to be disguised by foliage

Yes, it’s the tree mast I was mentioning in the previous post.

Bioland, 2009

Peebler-Dish This one came through Brad Peebler tweeting his disconcert. I am not sure whether he actually took the picture or not, or whether the tree was cut on purpose -my hunch is that it wasn’t- but I actually find it quite honest as a solution compared to hose hideous tree masts. A tree-less trunk, or a trunk with a new purpose? Signal quality replaces air quality. How often do you find yourself concerned about the quality of the air around you compared to the times you end up hunting for the Fourth Golden Bar Of Wi-Fi? Next step I would imagine will be to de-tree a whole forest, and reuse the trunks to create the successor to the Very Large Array.