Skrepkus paper clip, Art. Lebedev

clip Maybe it’s because I have a thing for paperclips – although I don’t use them too often – but intervening on an archetypical object as this one, without completely messing it up is Très Cool. The whole Art. Lebedev studio is cool; for one I totally dig the way they credit every single person involved in a project; it is a very elegant act of humility and respect which is rarely seen in the design world. Then they work on anything, with no topic restriction. Be it furniture or electronics the approach is always very relaxed. It is a “doist” approach to design that seems not to ask too many questions aside for those within a 2m radius from the project itself, all the rest can go. For this reason everything they do feels beautifully open, they don’t feel detached from us. This is very different than most other design practices which tend to push projects out only when they are “perfect”; true, that’s where their beauty lies sometimes, but perfection is not for humans, isn’t it?